Easing Anxiety

Easing Anxiety Tip for easing school-time anxiety: “Talk to the Teacher.” The teacher is your best advocate in managing anxiety. Communicate concerns, ask for help, and rule out potential bullying or other class-related issues. Trust in the teacher’s expertise. Most kids can adapt once they are in their class! Send something

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Keeping Your Family Healthy

Keeping Your Family Healthy Medical visits are almost a certainty for all family members, especially children. However the chances of illness can be reduced by following some easy steps. One good tip is to make sure that your family goes to the doctor for check-ups on a regular basis. These

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Fall Fest

Fall Fest Join your friends at Small Hands Big Dreams for Fall Fest! There will be games, costumes, prizes, snacks, music, fun activities and more for children of all ages! So join us from 6:30-8:30 pm on Friday, October 17th at 8505 Tanglewood Sq, Chagrin Falls, OH, 44023. If you

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Family Goal Motivation Tips

Family Goal Motivation Tips If your family has set out to achieve some kind of goal together, only to abandon it due to lack of motivation, there are a number of tips that can help to make sure that you will be able to stay motivated next time around. Remembering

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Talking to Baby

Talking to Baby Talking to children and answering any questions they may throw at you is one of the fundamental ways in which they learn. Talking, however, isn’t just important once little ones have already mastered basic language skills, but well before they have even uttered their first words. Human

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