Nature Sticks

Nature Sticks Needs: Long Stick Different Types of Beads Projector Sheets Acrylic Paint Fishing Line Hole puncher Paint the projector sheets with the acrylic paint. Paint designs, not pictures, as you’ll be cutting it. Let dry. Cut lengths of fishing line and bead the line. This is a great step

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Happy Suns

Happy Suns Needs: Yellow (or orange) Construction Paper Yellow (or orange) Tissue Paper Glue Pencils (or other writing utensils) Scissors Glitter (optional)   Cut out a large circle from one piece of construction paper. Cut (or, if younger, tear) the tissue paper into squares and rectangles. This is great practice,

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Counting Ladybugs

Counting Ladybugs Needs: Paper bowl Red crayon or marker Black construction paper Googly eyes White crayon Glue Scissors   Have your child color the paper bowl. Cut out one large circle and several smaller black circles for the spots. Have your child write (or if younger write for them) numbers

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