21st Century Life Skills And Children

21st Century Life Skills And Children

21st century life skills are an important topic in schools these days. What is it that children will need to know how to do? What will they need to know in general?

It basically comes down to five important parts.


  • Children will need to be able to think “outside the box” as the world continues to develop around them at ever increasing speeds. They’ll need to find new and innovative ways to use the technology in their lives. Give them chances to find what it is they enjoy doing, whether it’s playing music, building blocks, painting, or any other thing your child enjoys creating in.


  • Without the ability to collaborate, a child cannot communicate their ideas, set goals with others, work towards those goals, or be able to work together to find solutions to problems. Create family projects that you and your family can work towards with each person being in charge of a different part.

Critical Thinking-

  • Much like creativity, children need to be able to look at a problem in front of them and see it from multiple angles to try to find the solution that works best for them, even if it isn’t an obvious solution. Encourage children to try to solve problems or conflicts on their own, lending aid when it seems they’re going to become overwhelmed. They may surprise you with what they can handle.


  • Technology is making the world more and more linked in. There are very few people a child could not find a way to contact in fairly short order. Social media, smart phones, Skype, and whatever comes next create an amazing opportunity for children to work with others around the world towards a common goal.


  • We have seen technology grow at an exponential rate in our lives. The phone in you pocket is more powerful than the computer you grew up with. This rate of rapid innovation will only increase in the lives of our children. A foundation of understanding is necessary to allow them to continue working with what comes next.

These five parts are all pieces of one whole that will be your child’s future.

An interesting project you can try at home is at http://www.kano.me/ Your family can build a computer from the ground up.

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