Family of the Month – Mentor (March 2016)

Family of the Month – Mentor (March 2016)

Small Hands Big Dreams, a 5-Star ‘Step Up to Quality’ Preschool and Daycare in Mentor Ohio would like to introduce to you our March Family of the Month:

The Bogas Family!

The Bogas family consists of mom, dad, and their twin boys. The Bogas’ love to go outside, play in the park, and go to Hockey games. Their favorite movie is Miracle. Their favorite meal is tacos.

Some interesting things about the Bogas’ are that the boys birthdays are the same day as mom and dad’s anniversary! The boys are the only twins in the entire family. Of one of their big family traditions they say, “We go to Secors Nursery every year to pick pumpkins.”

Their favorite thing about Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Center? “The staff is loving, friendly, and treats our twins like their own.”

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