How is Our Summer Camp Different?

How is Our Summer Camp Different?

How is summer camp different at Small Hands Big Dreams?

Our summer camp is the perfect balance of education and fun. You will see children engaged in hands-on activities, working together and having a great time.

Our one of a kind summer camp allows the children to decide what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. The teachers facilitate the children’s learning and create the foundation for fun! You may see anything from little scientists observing bugs outside to an impromptu picnic on a sunny day, and everything in between.

Within the curriculum, the children will go on planned, interactive field trips. These trips include skating, miniature golf, movies, parks, bowling and more! And you don’t even have to worry about packing a lunch, our program is all inclusive.

No summer is complete without a little water fun! Our children have weekly splish-splash days so don’t forget to pack a swim suit. Community visitors will also come to Small Hands Big Dreams and bring animals, insects, magic and music.

Your child is guaranteed to come home exhausted but happy and excited to share with you everything that they did that day.

Summer camp is learning without being in school, while having some warm fun in Cleveland!


To learn how to enroll your child in our Summer Camp, contact Small Hands Big Dreams today!

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