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How to enroll

Enrollment WILL NOT be accepted over the telephone and/or Email/Fax. Prior to the child’s first day, the parents are required to meet the Administrator/ Program Director to tour the Center, obtain required forms, and discuss the philosophy and program of the Center. At this time, all policies are discussed and fee schedules explained to the parents. We ask that parents bring their child in prior to his/her first day, just to “look around” and get acquainted with the Center.

Parent's Responsibilities

Parents should bring their child directly to his/her classroom and make sure that the teacher is aware of the child’s arrival. Only 18 or older can pick your child up with I.D.  Madalyn’s House Childcare Center has each parent fill out a child enrollment form for each child enrolled which includes people authorized to pick their child/children up from Madalyn’s House Childcare Center. Only the people who are on the list will be allowed to pick the child/children up, unless, the center receives written or verbal permission from the parent before the time of pick up. If the individual designated to pick up the child is someone whom we have not met, they will be required to provide the Center with identification for the child’s release or the child will not be permitted to leave the center. Madalyn’s House Childcare Center staff has the right to ask any person to present positive identification before permitting a child to leave.  Madalyn’s House Childcare Center cannot refuse the right of a parent or legal guardian to pick up their child/children unless there is a court order in effect that prohibits such contact. If a court order prohibits a parent or other individual from having contact with the Child/children, you must provide a copy of the order to the administrator. Verbal notification alone is not sufficient. If the Party who is prohibited from having contact with the child/children arrives at the center; our staff will notify you immediately.

Infants and toddlers changing procedures the teacher will be faced to see all infants and toddlers while changing another child. Teacher and Infant/Toddler will wash hands after every diaper changing.  Once your child is 24 months old the staff is willing to work cooperatively with you on toilet learning. When you and your child are ready to begin training, please let your child’s teacher know what routine and procedures you wish to have followed. Be sure to bring in extra clothing during this transitional period. Soiled articles will be stored in a plastic Bag for parents to take home to launder. We strive to make the transition into undergarments a positive learning Experience using encouragement and praise. We request that pull-ups or transitional diapers are not used, as they inhibit the child’s natural response to wetness.

In compliance with State regulations, children under 5 years of age in care for more than 4 hours shall have a nap or rest period. Child care workers shall permit a child who does not sleep after 30 minutes and a child who awakens to have quiet Time through the use of equipment or activities which will not disturb other children. The children do not have to sleep, but are encouraged to lie quietly. Children over the age of one are required to bring sleeping blankets to sleep on during nap time. Please be certain your child’s sleeping blankets is clearly labeled with his/her name. Blankets will be sent home on every Fridays. Blankets must be brought back the on the following Monday when your child returns to the Center.

We encourage parents to become involved in the Center. We hope you will visit your child’s room and get to know the Teachers. Feel free to come in and observe the center at any time. Volunteers are welcome. Talent sharing is welcome, also. If you have any items you would like to donate, the teachers would appreciate any items to share with the children. Parent meetings may be called at any time by the teacher, administrator, or parent/s. However, formal parent teacher Conferences will be offered twice per year for all parents who wish to discuss their child’s development.  Parents are responsible for supplying and updating needed information to the center and escorting child to and from the center. The children love having their parent/s come along on trips. It’s fun for everyone! Please participate! Here at Madalyn’s House Childcare Center, we take pride in our communication with our parents and our commitment to children. Your input and Feedback is what will constantly help us grow and become the best we can for your child/children. Suggestions are always welcome! Thank you for letting us share a special part of your child’s day!


Suspected Intoxication of a Parent/Authorized Person

If an authorized pick up person arrives at Madalyn’s House Childcare Center and appears to be under the influence of alcohol or a controlled Substance Madalyn’s House Childcare Center staff will offer to contact someone else to come in and pick up the child/children. If the offer is Denied, Madalyn’s House Childcare Center cannot refuse the right of a parent or legal guardian to pick up their child/children, and the staff Member is to obtain the license plate number of the vehicle and will immediately call the COBB County Police Department with the information.


If a fire breaks out, the smoke detectors emit an alarm signal. When the alarm is sounded, children have been instructed to Stop what they are doing and meet the teacher for guidance to the nearest emergency exit. The teachers will take the attendance sheets and the emergency information with them prior to evacuating the room with the children. Teachers and children will exit single file to the nearest exit. Maps of the most efficient fire exit routes are posted in each room. All staff members will be oriented in the designated fire exit procedure from each location.

Children will continue moving from the building to the bus shelter. The teacher’s attendance sheets will be used to account for each child present by name and sight. The children will not re-enter the building without the proper Approval from the fire department. Madalyn’s House Childcare Center staff will call the parent/s of the children. Parents are required to pick their child/children up immediately after being notified. When picking up your child please use the center main entrance, as you will then be assisted/directed to a designated area for your child.


When the alert monitor is sounded and tornado warning issued, Administration will alert all rooms. Teachers and children will move single file to the following areas: To kitchen overflow to hallway with a staff member. The children will assume the tornado drill position (crouched, arms covering heads). The teacher’s attendance Sheets/emergency information will be used to account for each child present by name and sight. A battery-operated radio will remain tuned to the local station to receive storm or tornado watches or warnings. Flashlights and extra batteries will be kept in the center. If a tornado, staff, and children destroyed Madalyn’s House Childcare Center will evacuate to DeKalb Medical Center. Parents will then be contacted and told where to pick up their child/children.

Severe Weather
Madalyn’s House Childcare Center will close when COBB County Public School close because of weather. Parents will be notified by phone or text message

Parents will be asked to provide the following:

Diapers and baby wipes

 Appropriate attire for outdoor activities for each day

 An extra set of clothing, including underwear and socks

 Back pack to take home child’s work/projects



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