Is Your Childcare Center a Preschool or Just a Daycare?

Is Your Childcare Center a Preschool or Just a Daycare?

Small Hands Big Dreams – A Preschool Set Apart

What is the difference between a day care and a preschool? While daycare and preschool can be completely different, they do share some qualities. Both provide care to families for children during a designated time of the day. Some will provide meals, transportation and a school aged program. Day cares and preschools will provide children a safe, loving environment.

How are preschools more preparatory than day cares? Preschools typically will be held to higher state standards in terms of quality education and teacher credentials. In preschool, teachers will typically have college education and will have continuing education classes within the field. Teachers are kind, patient and use positive redirection. Preschools will use an approved curriculum to ensure that all infant, toddler, and prekindergarten milestones are met before entering kindergarten.

Preschools also provide social and emotional development so that children are able to transition to a new environment and successfully make friends. Finally preschools are different from day cares in that preschools complete assessments and screenings on each child. This allows for early identification of developmental delays, disabilities or other needs. Preschools offer that extra assurance to families that each child will be developmentally ready to begin the next step in their education.

Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Center is a preschool that is set apart from the rest. We offer flexibility for parents, fun for children and pride ourselves on putting families first. At Small Hands Big Dreams, you feel like family. Come sit with the directors and tell us about your day! Observe in your child’s classroom to see the awesome, interactive activities that the class is enjoying. Your child will receive excellent care from our degreed teachers and will be prepared for Kindergarten.

During your child’s years at Small Hands Big Dreams, he will learn how to interact with others, use his imagination and establish solid problem solving skills needed to be successful in life. Teachers ensure that each child learns what is expected by completing assessments and planning goals to master. You will receive an email daily that gives detail regarding meals, toileting, diapering, napping, and completed activities. Pictures of your child will also be sent via email throughout the day to show you how much fun learning is!

We provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack to promote healthy development. For infants, we provide formula, baby food and baby cereal. Mothers are more than welcome to nurse or provide breastmilk. Diapers and wipes are provided for all infants, toddlers and toilet training children.

**Small Hands Big Dreams accepts private payments and government assisted payment plans. We feel that all children, regardless of income, race or ethnicity, deserve the same strong educational foundation.**


To learn more about our preschools in Mentor & Bainbridge, Ohio, please contact us today.

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