Mixed Up Chameleon Wheels

Mixed Up Chameleon Wheels


  • copy of Eric Carle’s The Mixed Up Chameleon
  • 1 paper plate
  • 1 coffee filter
  • 1 brad fastener (Bradley clip)
  • googly eye
  • glue

For coloring either:

  • washable markers
  • spray bottle of water


  • liquid water color
  • eye dropper
  1. Read The Mixed Up Chameleon
  2. Cut a chameleon shape out of the paper plate, leaving a piece connected for the eye
  3. Glue the googly eye to the spot
  4. If using the liquid water color use the eye dropper to drip bits of color onto the coffee filter until the filter is fully colored
  5. If using the washable markers color the coffee filter until fully colored, then spray with water.
  6. Let dry completely
  7. When the paper plate are ready line them up with the coffee filter in the back.
  8. Push the brad clip through the center of the plate and coffee filter and separate the tongs.
  9. Gently spin the coffee filter and watch your chameleon change colors.

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