Small Hands Big Dreams Tuition

Small Hands Big Dreams Tuition

How much is tuition and what does it include?

How much is tuition at Small Hands Big Dreams Learning Center and what’s included in our tuition price? It’s not easy to give “one price” for our tuition because we don’t just offer one option for care. We have a detailed pricing chart that allows for an hour of care to five full days of education per week.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and we wouldn’t be able to offer that if we had “one price” for everyone. On top of flexible care options and allowing for hourly, part time or full time schedules, we offer families many perks.

As a parent, you save money on other items, since we provide your child’s diapers, wipes and food. We have you covered! A USDA approved breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack is included in the tuition plan that works best for you. Small Hands Big Dreams also provides diapers and wipes for infants and toilet training children. For infants, we provide formula, baby food and infant cereal.

A final perk that is included in tuition is an emailed daily report that provides information about activities, meals, toileting, napping and supplies pictures of your child having fun. We want to provide all children the same educational foundation, which is why we offer schooling to your little one whether you will pay privately or pay with government assistance.

For a portion of the day, let us take care of all of your child’s needs so you can take of yours. You can’t put a price on knowing that your child is safe, having fun and learning. Contact us today to learn how to enroll your child in Small Hands Big Dreams.

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